Things to Know About Wood Cabinets

Create your Initial Cabinet Wish List: Take a few moments to write down what you like and don't like about the cabinets you currently have. Think about things that you'd like to change or wish that you had. Remember we can design and install cabinets for every area of your home, from the kitchen, office and craft room to the utility room, closets and the garage. While we will provide you with all kinds of information on what is available, providing us with a little information up-front will go a long ways towards creating a design that improves your living space.

Developing a Conceptual Cabinet Design: You will work with a Picasso Renovations, Inc, to develop a custom cabinet design that suits your lifestyle and needs. Make sure to come to the appointment with your Initial Cabinet Wish List and where you would like to go with the remodel, if you are not sure where to start we are sure to have many ideas for you. Keep in mind that your first meeting with us serves to create a foundational design for your project. Depending upon the nature of the living space involved, initial design ideas may evolve as you and we explore different possibilities. The design process is both an important and enjoyable phase of your remodel.

The Budget and Final Design: After your initial design process is completed, Picasso Renovations, Inc. will provide you with a rough estimate for your project. At this stage in the process, it is a good idea for you and us to sit down to review the design and your budget. While you may have discussed a budget with us during your initial meetings, it is important that both you and us understand how the current design concept costs out. Doing so allows Picasso Renovations, Inc. to help you navigate through the variety of choices. Perhaps the current design has come in at a lower cost, allowing you to purchase optional features? Or, if the design comes in higher than you have budgeted, we can help you make choices that intelligently reduce cost. We want you to be a happy customer and will work best with you when we understand your needs.

Order Process & Delivery: Once an order is placed it will generally take anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks for the cabinets to be custom manufactured to your project's specifications. Picasso Renovations, Inc. will coordinate delivery and the installation of your new cabinetry.

Installation: Shortly after delivery, cabinet installation takes place. Picasso Renovations, Inc. will ensure proper completion of the design. Your newly installed cabinetry will provide you with years of enjoyment!