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About Bathroom Sinks


If you're remodeling your bathroom or building a new house, you'll find that your lavatory sink options are far more plentiful than they once were. The days when a simple white, round sink was your only choice are gone. Pedestal sinks, wall-hung sinks and vanity-mounted sinks all offer a host of colors, sizes and shapes. If you're remodeling, a new sink can be a budget-conscious way to completely alter a bathroom's appearance. Consider what kind of look you're going for and how frequently the bathroom will be used.

Self rimming sinks are mounted above the bathroom counter.  It has a visible rim and with proper bathroom light could be very nice looking.  They can be used with all types of bathroom countertops.  

Under mount sinks are set up under the solid surface of counter tops.  These countertops are mostly made of granite, stone, or marble.  The countertop does not have a rim.  The sinks are either counter mounted or wall mounted in this design.

Pedestal sinks have their own bases on which they are mounted.  The advantage of this type of sink is the space economy it provides.  The only thing that you should look out for is the finish of the portions of plumbing works that is exposed and whether the make, style, and color match your faucet. 

Vessel sinks are mounted on a counter.  The most common faucets are tall vessel filler that would provide quite substantial clearance above the rim.  Sometimes pre-drilled holes are found on vessel sinks to facilitate mounting of faucets. 

Best materials for making sinks           

     Various materials like Vitreous China, Fireclay, Glass, Cast Iron, Stainless, Copper, Bronze and Solid surface materials are used to manufacture sinks. Sinks made of Vitreous China and Fireclay has a very smooth finish and is very durable. They come in variety of colors and can easily fit in the environment of a modern bathroom. Glass sinks made of tampered glass are quite strong and have the latest designs you would like to have. Sinks made of cast iron are enameled.           

     The advantage is long durability and resistance to all types of structural damages. The disadvantage is its heavy weight. Stainless still sinks are not that heavy but are equally strong.  Sometimes materials to make the sound mute are used with them.  They are extremely suitable for modern bathrooms. Solid surface materials are resistant to heat and stain. However, they are not completely scratch proof.         

     As end user the final choice rests with you and you have to take into consideration the space available, the style, and your requirement and budget exactly to select the best suitable vessel sink for your use.