Green Commitment

At Picasso Renovations, Inc. we believe in providing the best fabrication and installation services while balancing what is right for our environment. We search high and low for the best sustainability possible – recyclable, natural, or organic materials. Environmentally friendly manufacturing and services have become a large trend in today’s market – and we are in the forefront of searching for the vendors and suppliers who share our vision.

Our commitment to the environment has guided us to continually strive to further reduce already minimized waste in our fabrication facility, and offer more environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. All water used in our stone fabrication plant is collected, cleaned, treated, and then re-used again and again to minimize waste of water, especially in the Sacramento River delta! Our implementation of several green manufacturing processes makes us one of the only stone fabricators in Northern California with a DUST FREE manufacturing facility. We use as much recycled material in our office as possible, for example, recycled printing paper and paper towels.

Here at Picasso Renovations, Inc. we do all we can to reduce waste in our manufacturing methods as well as products, for instance, making sure to cut as much raw product as possible and reusing the scrap material where we can. Everything that happens at Picasso Renovations Inc. contributes to a much safer and eco-friendly design, construction, and remodel experience.


Alex Friedman
President of Picasso Renovations, Inc.

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