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Copper or Bronze Sink Care & Maintenance

Artisan handcrafted Copper Sinks are designer-inspired. Each sink is one-of-kind, presenting traditional period styling with its own unique, naturally beautiful finish. The brushed metal finish is easy to keep clean and will always be distinctively beautiful as long as you follow these Easy-Care Instructions.

Copper develops its own rich warm patina as it is used and ages. You’ll notice the rich reddish color varies from sink to sink and may, in fact, present dark spots or streaks due to the nature of the sink and the finish. The Artisan sink has been designed to bring out this beauty.

General Care and Cleaning:

Care is simple and easy. Under normal use, copper will develop its own warm and rich patina. To preserve that look, use only a gentle mild soap and water to clean the surface. No other cleaners are needed.

If a bright shiny “new Copper” look is desired, use non-abrasive copper cleaners and follow directions carefully.

Whichever look you desire, it is important to keep the copper sink basin and drain dry to avoid water spotting or pitting.Wipe the basin periodically with a soft dry cloth. To maintain luster and improve water runoff, use Renaissance Wax or a similar product.

Cleansers or Corrosive Substances:

NEVER use abrasive materials or harsh chemicals on an Artisan sink. They will scratch the surface and finish of your sink.

NEVER use chlorine bleach or cleansers, concentrated vinegar, abrasive cleaners, or any other harsh chemicals since these may damage the sink finish.

NEVER leave acidic foods such as oranges or lemons, tomatoes, tea, etc. on your sink. If you do, you may experience shiny spots.

If spotting does occur, we recommend cleaning the sink with soap and water and then waiting for the finish to recover to its natural patina. As the sink ages, the spots will blend with the surrounding areas, returning the finish to the rich natural patina you love.