About Picasso Renovations

Dear Customer,

While evaluating your fabricator, please accept My Personal Invitation to visit our showroom, take a tour of our facility, and see our CNC equipment at work.

In business since 1996, Picasso Renovations, Inc. has evolved from just granite and marble countertop fabrication into the one stop shop for your Kitchen or Bathroom remodel. We offer custom and ready-made cabinets, natural stone, quartz and many other solid surfaces countertops, tile installation, sinks and accessories, as well as decorative hardware for your kitchen and bath. We have assembled the team of design and installation professionals who have vast experience in the industry.

We are a family owned corporation that is committed to helping our customers achieve their desired vision. Every project receives our highest and best effort, employing more than 50 years of experience and master craftsmanship. We leverage our experience to assist customers with smart decision making, avoiding delays and ultimately exceeding their expectations.

Our Principles:

  • Integrity – We spend countless hours searching the world to bring you the best products, latest trends, automation, and technology to insure your satisfaction, even before you contact us.
  • Timing – Managing more of the design elements insures installation of the cabinets, countertops and fixtures flows seamlessly. Involving the craftsmen at Picasso Renovations, Inc. early in the decision process saves your time and money.
  • Control – Steady progress is maintained with on-site supervision and hands-on management by the owner.
  • Service – Navigating the customer approval process is a necessary skill that we pay close attention to.
  • Accountability – We oversee every detail to help you spend your money wisely. Our master craftsmen work tirelessly to develop your design on time and within budget.
  • Respect – Your vision is captured and maintained throughout the process. Your finishing touches will bring the vision to life.

CNC has doubled the productivity of our shop. It has contributed significantly to the reduction in cost of natural stone counter tops, tables, sinks, tiles, and fireplaces, and will continue to bring these costs down. It has dramatically increased the quality of the finished product.


Master Stone 4000 features the biggest worktable, which allows the machine to work on the largest pieces imaginable. This work center lets us create any shape you want. Certain designs, when done by hand, take days but with the new machine we can do an ogee in a matter of hours. The benefits of the Master Stone 4000 give us the ability to create computerized designs and use a CAD/CAM


Master 23 was purchased by us, specifically with your bathrooms in mind. It features smaller worktable, which is perfect for smaller projects. All your furniture tops, bathrooms, coffee tables, etc. done on this machine, while your kitchen is being fabricated on Master Stone 4000. All pieces of your project come together faster that allows us to finish your project on time.


Camma NT Bridge Sawis used for cutting marble and granite slabs into work-blanks, splashes or any other pieces. The perfect combination of machine and tools allow us to make the most of the possibilities offered by numerical control technology. Remember measure twice to cut once!

Picasso Renovations, Inc. will continue to provide the best possible product and superior customer service. We feel that our company must move forward with the times and not be afraid of computers, as some shops may be.

Every "Picasso" is a work of art!

As always we appreciate your business!


Alex Friedman, 
President of Picasso Renovations, Inc.